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Hong Kong aims for mid-January reopening of border with mainland China - Reuters News

Hong Kong will re-open China border as COVID surges - Reuters News

Chinese President Xi Jinping praises Hong Kong's leader John Lee for reviving the local economy and safeguarding national security - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong to drop COVID test for bars, entertainment venues - Reuters News

Hedge funds for years have made bets against Hong Kong's longstanding currency peg to the dollar—with little success - The Wall Street Journal

After more than two years under China's stringent pandemic rules, Hong Kong wants to prove that it can still be "Asia's World City" - Bloomberg News

China removed six of its consular officials from the UK following a diplomatic spat over an attack on a Hong Kong man staging a peaceful protest outside the Chinese consulate in Manchester, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong drops curbs on incoming travellers, scraps COVID app - Reuters News

National security trial for Hong Kong pro-democracy tycoon postponed to September - Reuters News

Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore will likely be the biggest beneficiaries as China drops its Covid restrictions and reopens its economy - Bloomberg News

China may drop quarantine for Hong Kong residents traveling into the mainland next month, according to local media reports - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong and Singapore have long squared off to be the preeminent green finance hub for Asia. That battleground is now shifting to the ESG space, with potentially trillions of dollars at stake - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong is considering scrapping its outdoor mask mandate and easing tests for arrivals, newspaper Wen Wei Po reported - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong health officials will hold a regular virus briefing on Thursday afternoon, with local media outlets reporting they'll announce a shortening of isolation time for people who test positive for Covid and their close contacts - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong stocks jump following a report the government may further loosen Covid-related restrictions - Bloomberg News

Hopes of return to traditional fireworks display fizzle out for fourth year as Hong Kong opts for light shows - South China Morning Post

Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong suffer a late-day rout, as investors judge that the path to a reopening will be rocky and the prospects for an economic recovery uncertain - Bloomberg News

Tech start-ups shun Singapore and Hong Kong for US Spacs - Financial Times @ftchina

'Hong Kong unlikely to ease more Covid curbs before end of winter peak season' - South China Morning Post

Hong Kong's retail sales rebound in October as the city gradually moves away from its pandemic isolation and a new round of spending vouchers is rolled out - Bloomberg News

A Hong Kong court on Thursday adjourned the high-profile trial of tycoon and China critic Jimmy Lai three days after authorities asked China's highest legislative body to decide whether to block foreign lawyers from national security cases - Reuters News

Hong Kong dollar extends rally, passing the midpoint of its trading band for the first time since February - Bloomberg News

The slump in Hong Kong's home prices will deepen next year due to the combination of rising borrowing costs, a recession and an exodus of residents, according to Natixis - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong is willing to tolerate sky-high borrowing rates and near term economic pain to defend its currency peg with the dollar in the wake of renewed attacks by speculators - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong leader asks Beijing to rule on 'blanket ban' on foreign lawyers in national security cases - Reuters News

Hong Kong's exports fell again in October, marking six straight months of decline this year as demand continues to drop off an economic contraction this year appears all but certain for the city - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong's top court upholds Jimmy Lai's right to a UK lawyer in his upcoming national security trial - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong Oct home prices drop 2.4%, biggest fall in 4 years - Reuters News

Hong Kong's property market is in a rare downturn that's extending to the city's luxury homes - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong no longer has the world's most-expensive retail district after rents plummet due to Covid curbs and restrictions on visitors - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong expects air passenger traffic to recover to as much as 70% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of next year, South China Morning Post reported - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong finds 90-year-old cardinal guilty over pro-democracy protest fund - CNN

Hong Kong to see more imports of global finance talent: financial secretary - South China Morning Post

The Hong Kong dollar peg remains beneficial for the territory and will withstand any renewed challenge from hedge funds, according to Morgan Stanley - Bloomberg News

The number of Hong Kong residents applying for a path to UK citizenship fell 44% in the third quarter, showing that demand is waning almost two years after it was created in response to China's crackdown on dissent - Bloomberg News

Credit trading veteran Boaz Weinstein says he too is betting against the Hong Kong's pegged dollar like his hedge fund industry peer Bill Ackman - Bloomberg News

The number of American companies with regional headquarters in Hong Kong has dropped below mainland Chinese firms for the first time in at least 31 years - Bloomberg News

A super-rare indicator suggests Hong Kong's stock market has hit rock bottom. The "crossover" event was last seen 55 years ago - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong's economy will grow next year at a slower pace than previously expected, according to economists, as the city struggles to dig itself out of what's likely to be a deep contraction in 2022 - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong Growth Forecasts Slashed Into Next Year on China Slump - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong's leading crypto retail operator says it ceases trading as FTX fallout roils sector - Reuters News

As Hong Kong lifts most pandemic curbs, officials are maintaining a web of confusing rules - Bloomberg News

Property agents in Hong Kong are resorting to increasingly wry advertising slogans to attract potential buyers during the city's worst housing slump in years - Bloomberg News

As Hong Kong lifts most pandemic curbs, officials are maintaining a web of confusing rules - Bloomberg News

Property agents in Hong Kong are resorting to increasingly wry advertising slogans to attract potential buyers during the city's worst housing slump in years - Bloomberg News

Nearly one-third of Hong Kongers who have applied for a new route to British citizenship are under 18, the South China Morning Post reported, reflecting a population exodus in the city's next generation of workers - Bloomberg News

"There's a business closing down every week." From traditional bakeries to popular dim sum shops, businesses in Hong Kong are disappearing at a dizzying pace - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong's aggregate balance, a measure of interbank liquidity, will fall below $12.7 billion for the first time since June 2020 - Bloomberg News

The slump in Hong Kong's property market is accelerating as borrowing costs rise - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong will not scrap its limited restrictions on new arrivals but will implement special rules to host big international events, the city's leader says - Bloomberg News