Henderson Land Development Co.’s Lee Shau Kee says the universe has treated him well

With Henderson Land Development Co.’s Lee Shau Kee stepping down and handing over management of the business his sons he spoke with Bloomberg News about Hong Kong property prices and the financial future of young people in Hong Kong.

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Asked by Bloomberg News about advice to young people in Hong Kong worried about their financial futures and unable to afford an apartment he said "I am always of the view that young people need our support."

It is important to work hard and not to be afraid of hardship. As the saying goes, "if you can endure hardship, you will be the best of men"

It is advisable for men not to choose a wrong profession, while the women need to be wise in choosing their husbands

If you are not financially secure, it is best not to get married too soon

One must work hard to get one’s first capital, and from then on learn how to generate more money with the capital

Lee Shau Kee also told Bloomberg News "I have been lucky my whole life. I am grateful for the universe that offers me opportunities to develop my businesses. I do not have any expertise apart from working hard. Because the universe has treated me well, I felt that I must pay back to the society in return."

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Story and reporting by Fion Li, Hong Kong Bureau Chief at Bloomberg News

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